The main products marketed are:
  • ethyl alcohol at 96°, food and pharmaceutical grade, made from grain, molasses and wine; the molasses alcohol, in particular, is certified Kosher.
  • ethyl alcohol at 96° and 99.9° for industrial and cosmetic use.
  • brandy, grappa, whisky, rum and fruit spirits in general.
 The placement and sale of the products is oriented toward a variegated clientele in different sectors:
  • alcoholic beverages
  • food
  • pharmaceuticals
  • cosmetics
  • industrial uses
From its fiscal deposit in Lugo (RA), the alcohol can be delivered in tank truck in small tanks having a capacity of 1,200 lt. each and in drums with a capacity of 200 lt. each by means of panel trucks.

Every means of transportation, in addition to being equipped with special connections, pipes and pumps for discharging, is approved in compliance with the A.D.R. (the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) standards.    

Distribuzione Alcoli Italia S.r.l. places its alcoholic products in Italy and abroad. It is located in an ideal position, not far from the motorway exit of Lugo di Ravenna, and organized for rapid supply service and cooperation to meet its customers' needs.
The company, after identifying the necessary operating requisites to perform its company mission in a sector governed by precise rules, has a Quality System that applies constantly and efficiently for the improvement of its service in order to increase customer satisfaction while making the necessary resources available in terms of: 
  • skilled personnel trained in their duties, adequately updated and aware of the importance of their role for Quality
  • adequate infrastructures for the characteristic of the processes of product logistics, kept in a suitable state of efficiency through planning and implementation of the relative maintenance
  • adequate measuring and monitoring devices regularly calibrated or tested.